Shipping & order questions

Each product contains unique delivery time. If the item is in stock, it will be delivered within 1 - 3 days.

If you discover an injury to an item, contact us with pictures to

If you have received an email that the order has been shipped, please check your email if you should have received a separate mail with tracking number so you can follow your package.

If you did not receive an email about sending, please check the product on the webshop if you have overlooked the delivery time, otherwise contact us then we can help you with how far your order is.


It costs DKK 57 to return a mail package and the amount is deducted from your return amount.

If you have purchased a larger piece of furniture that requires furniture transport to the door, please request return costs as it depends on the size of the furniture. It varies from 350 - 500 kr.

Use the return page so we can help you get your package back with the correct shipping.