Hynder til Jørgen Bækmark FDB J80 stolen

Cushion for (FDB) Jørgen Bækmark J80 chair in black leather

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Black leather cushion for the Jørgen Bækmark J80 chair, which makes the sitting experience more comfortable and at the same time protects the paper braid on the chair. The leather cushion is adapted to the chair and is made so that it can be turned and used on both sides.

The cushion is adapted to the J80 chair and has a section for the chair's front and rear legs that makes the cushion fit the seat. The cushion is made of semianiline leather, which is a real durable leather and which is also surface-treated and easy to maintain. Semianiline is considered one of the highest grades of leather.

Dimensions. Width: 50.5 cm x Depth: 41 cm, Thickness: 3 cm
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