Icelandic lambskin | Longhair | 100-120x60 cm.

Icelandic lambskin | Longhair | 100-120x60 cm.
Icelandic lambskin | Longhair | 100-120x60 cm.

Icelandic lambskin | Longhair | 100-120x60 cm.

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This beautiful lambskin from Iceland is a natural product that exudes high quality. Sit on it or run your fingers through it and feel the unique softness and high quality provided by the Icelandic climate.

Size: 100 x 60 cm
Hair length: 15-20 cm
Hair type: Natural straight hair
Density: Very strong
Color: Natural
Manufacture: from one piece of skin

The lambskin has a unique natural look and spreads warmth and cosiness wherever you place it. In Iceland, the climate is sometimes harsh, which results in lambskin being very durable and keeping you warm. Our skins are natural products, so it's important to stress that you won't find any other skins that are exactly like yours.

When you feel the fur of the skin, you will experience a very soft and firm fur that can withstand a little bit of everything. The skin can be used in many different places because of the natural and durable fur. Discover how great it is to bring nature into your home and be inspired to use the lambskin in your office.



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