Pan, Presentation - l: 18.5 cm, w: 13.5 cm, h: 3.2 cm

Pan, Presentation - l: 18.5 cm, w: 13.5 cm, h: 3.2 cm
Pan, Presentation - l: 18.5 cm, w: 13.5 cm, h: 3.2 cm

Pan, Presentation - l: 18.5 cm, w: 13.5 cm, h: 3.2 cm

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Give your guests a gourmet experience and serve dinner in this set of 2 mini pans. Called Presentation, they add an informal yet stylish touch to your table setting thanks to the stainless steel and brass handles. Put your dishes on the table straight from the oven, individually portioned. Presentation is an important part of the dining experience, and with the range of miniature tableware from Nicolas Vahé, your guests will enjoy a dinner that focuses on both taste and the right atmosphere. Max. temperature: 250 °C. Suitable for electric ovens and fan ovens. Suitable for electric hobs and gas hobs, but not for induction hobs. Must be washed by hand. Please note that discolouration may occur over time when the item is exposed to heat. This is common for stainless steel but has no effect on safety or performance.


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