How long the return deadline do I have?

If you have regretted your purchase, you can return the item up to 30 days from receipt.

You can return the item/goods if:

  • Products not used
  • Products are returned in the same condition as when you received them. Ie Screws, manuals, plastic packaging etc.
  • Products must be returned on the same if as delivered (please do not use original packaging to send back in)
  • Are you unsure if you want to keep products requiring assembly/installation, decide whether you wish to return before the product is assembled/installed

Original packaging can form a significant part of the value of the product. Therefore, always remember to return the item in the original packaging. We do not recommend that you only use the original packaging as a return packaging, but that the package is further packaged in an outer packaging, as damage to the original packaging may result in impairment of the item.

Return cost

Return per. mail If we need to send you a shipping label is the following

Return from Denmark: 57,- DKK
Return from Sweden: 57,- DKK
Return from Germany: 57,- DKK
Return from other EU countries if we support the country 80,- DKK. (Contact us on this)

How do I return the item?

In order for you to return the item, you must first find out how it is delivered to you. Is the item delivered on a pallet, or is it delivered with GLS/PostNord as a mail package?

Order a return label via the mail here: - then it comes via mail to you

I wish to return the item myself.

You can return the item by returning it to
Ulstrupvej 33
8870 Langå

If you want to show up yourself and it is not a carrier, just contact us first to make sure we are not in another warehouse and you will drive in vain.

Your return is automatically processed within approx. 1 - 5 business days from arrival. Your money will be returned to the means of payment has used in the past.