FABRIC candlestick by Ester & Erik, off-white

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The exclusive, hand -colored fabric nagel kert light by Danish Ester & Erik has a long and tapered shape with a cone -shaped bottom to fit perfectly in fabric nail candlesticks. The lights do not drip, are self -extinguishing and burns slowly and elegantly so that there are no leftovers left in your candlesticks.

The lights are made of pure paraffin wax, a purely mineral product, cleaned of unclean particles. Paraffin wax is also the type of wax with the lowest C02 imprint and smallest environmental impact.

The cotton weights are also made of 100% cotton, which affects the indoor climate less than traditional wicks, are ideally released.

Quantity: 6 pieces per package

Burning time of 4 hours per light.

    STOFF STOFF kertelys af Ester & Erik, råhvid -