Carpet, Hempi, Nature - l: 250 cm, w: 250 cm

Carpet, Hempi, Nature - l: 250 cm, w: 250 cm
Carpet, Hempi, Nature - l: 250 cm, w: 250 cm

Carpet, Hempi, Nature - l: 250 cm, w: 250 cm

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Create a natural and relaxed touch in your decor with this large and square rug named Hempi. House Doctor has designed it with a blend of hemp, jute and cotton. A fine blend of natural materials, with the simple weave just emphasising this. The size is perfect for creating defined areas in the living and dining room. Bring your furniture together visually by placing the rug under your dining room furniture or sofa and coffee table. This way you protect the floor and create a natural focal point. The back of the rug has anti-slip, making it suitable for all types of floors.

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